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Sony Screen Repair

Please call for Sony phone repair pricing and availability. 

If your phone still powers on but will no longer charge, or if your cables work on other phones but not yours, you likely need a new charging port.

It is recommended to bring in your charger and cables for testing and inspection if you have a charge port issue. A worn or damaged charging port can damage cables, which can then damage other charging ports, and vice-versa.

Sony Charging Ports

If your phone doesn't hold a charge like it used to, randomly shuts down, or won't power on without being plugged into a charger, you may have a battery issue.

Some phones have removable batteries, which can be replaced by the customer, and don't include a labor charge.

Read below for info on charging your phone correctly and measuring your current battery health!

Sony Battery Replacement

All batteries degrade over time, and eventually do not hold the same amount of charge that they did when they were new. You can measure how much energy your battery currently holds at 100% now versus how much it originally held  with an app called Accubattery.
The app will need to run for a couple days before recording enough information to give you an accurate reading.

It will also tell you about good habits to use when charging your Android phone to reduce battery degradation.