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Our cell phones and computers are perhaps one of our most treasured possessions. This is not just because these are quite expensive, but also because these are so much useful for us. For instance, nowadays we store essential information like phone numbers on our cell phones, while in the earlier decades we needed to remember them by heart.

) iPhones repairing in Austin

Now, this is of course a good thing, but a disadvantage as well. Today, we rely too much on technology, which creates a greater problem when these technologies malfunction, are lost or need repairs. Because of this reason, it is very important to find good places for cell phone and computer repairs. This is where Austex PCS Cell Repair comes in.

iPads repairing in Austin

Austex PCS Cell Repair is the very first cell phone repairing company based in the area covering Austin. Since 1999, we have been offering excellent services to this area. Today, we are still going strong. We employ a team of highly experienced professionals who have many years of experience in training. They are also highly dedicated to your account or order.

We offer various services like phone repairs and laptop repairs, covering all the major brands on the market. This means that you are guaranteed to find a repairing service corresponding to your device! Now, without further ado, here are some of our foremost and most popular services.

1) iPhones and iPads repairing in Austin area:

We feel at a loss when these essential technologies start malfunctioning fully or partially, and desire them to be repaired quickly. What we do at such a time is to take them to the nearest repair shop. Now, these local shops do not specialize in any particular device or brand, and may even offer a shabby result at the end of all that waiting. This is where Austex PCS Cell Repair comes in. Our primary goal is to offer you timely and affordable iPhones and iPads repair service in Austin.

Best iMac repair service in Austin

2) iMac repair service in Austin:

iMacs are not only expensive but also highly useful too, which is part of the reason why people love and covet is so much. However, these also show problems from time to time. The good news is that we provide the Best iMac repair service in Austin.

If you like these services, please get in touch with us today.

What To Look for in An Independent iPhones and iPads repair Services in Austin?

Wondering how to choose the best independent iPhones and iPad repair services in Austin? Now, your device may need repairing for several reasons. In a hurry to reach the office you might drop off the phone accidentally on the road. You take a breath and pray the device is intact. But you are out of luck. Now, you need to take your device be it iPhone or iPad to a service store offering you a good repair. Since there are numerous of shops around, you find might wonder how to pick an independent one, right?

When deciding on a shop, you should definitely consider a few important things. These include the quality of a shop’s replacement part, cost of repairs, etc. Talking about these, here are some of the things you better take into account.

Quality Replacement parts

It would be really great if all shops offer top-notch quality parts for iPads repair service in Austin. But the reality is completely different. Leaving only a few, most shops don’t provide you real parts at all. Due to this reason, you must do your research work and then pick the right one accordingly. If you are looking for screen replacement, which is the case mostly due to accidental fall, look closely. If you find the screen to be bluish having dimmed brightness and unresponsive to touch, know the replacement part is not good.

Know the Repair Cost

If the price of the repair seems really good to be true, it is another sign the iPhones repair service in Austin you have chosen is not right. In simple words, authentic products don’t come really cheap and cheap products are definitely not original. So, keeping this in mind, choose accordingly. Now, the shops that charge really low than what most shops charge are only able to do it since they buy inexpensive parts. Keep this in mind when looking for a renowned shop since the cost really matters.

Check the warranty

One of the other tell-tale signs of a repair shop is they use cheap parts with short period of warranty or think of the worse, no warranty at all. In fact, reputed shops that use high quality parts would offer you a warranty of some kind. Even if it is not for a really long time, still they would offer you for a good amount of time. In case of iPhones and iPads repair services in Austin, the standard warranty is of 90 days. However, it can also be of three months depending on the company.

FAQ about Best iMac repair service Austin

Interested to avail the best iMac repair service in Austin? Well, that’s great, but ensure you ask some important questions. These questions would help you find out if the store is perfect for your need. Before you visit the store for your repair, ensure you ask some questions which would decide if they are perfect for your requirement.

How much do they charge?

One of the first things is to find out how much they charge. Now, you need to understand that the charge would be based on the services you avail. For instance, the best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin would be different from an iMac repair. Since the repairs are different, the cost would also vary accordingly.

What are the business hours?

If you want to avail the services on weekends or at least want to choose a company that’s available on weekends, find that out. Mostly all the best iMac repair service in Austin remains open Monday to Friday. However, it is better to find out the working hours before the service to avoid all confusions.

What other services do they offer?

Even if you are looking for laptop or iMac repair, you may also need to repair your smartphone or iPhone. To make the process smoother, find out what other services they offer. Many companies offer data recovery or data backup services. So, find that out.

What is the repair turnaround time?

The repair time again depends on the service that you have chosen. For instance, if you need best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin, ensure take shortest turnaround time. Most experienced companies take about 2 to 3 working days for the service. But it can be more or less depending on the service you need.

Do they offer warranty on services?

The next big thing is to find out if they offer you warranty on the services. You may think they would, as it is obvious, but not all companies do it. So, you must find out if they do so and then go ahead with availing their services.

Do they have proper license and experience?

Find out from the company if they offer you proper proof of their experience in the field. Apart from this, before availing the service, ask them to refer some previous clients so you know they have experience in offering the service.

What Matters When Picking Up Desktop Computer Repair Service Austin?

Did you buy a new laptop or computer? Happy with it? Well, that’s great, but you never know when it requires servicing. Now, if you are not a tech geek, then it is impossible for you to repair it. In any such case, the best thing would be to avail best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin. However, if you don’t want to get in touch with any less trustworthy repair company, it is better to take several things into consideration.

Experience Really Matters

When you are searching for the best desktop computer repair service in Austin, begin the search by looking for reputed as well as established companies. You will come across several companies having enough experience as well as reputation to help you get the best service. In fact, a company’s track records speak for them. If you have any doubts, ask the company about their experience and then move ahead. Since your laptop or desktop is quite special, it is better not to hire any inexperienced companies at all.

List of Satisfied Clients

While there are numerous companies offering you proper repair services, there are a few that would provide great service at a low price. When considering best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin, choosing companies offering affordable service is primary. These companies have a good track record of superior service as well as have happy clients, letting the new clients know they have made the right choice. Finding how happy and satisfied the previous clients ensure you too would get a good service.

Special Services Included

Most companies offering laptop and desktop repair also provide you several special services. These include virus removal, data recovery services, data backup and more. If you think these services are also what you need, it is better to find if the company provides you that or not. You can either ask them directly or you can check their website. Never believe what the company says unless you find out what services they provide.

Service Cost

You can’t get any desktop or laptop repair service without paying for it. However, the important thing to find out if it is worth it. Know how much they are charging and for what repair service. Compare it with several other options and then choose the one that fits your budget perfectly. After all, paying extra for the service you didn’t take is of no use. Also getting free quotes is necessary.

Top Reasons Why You Must Avail iPhones and iPads repair services in Austin

Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the popular smartphones and owning one is everyone’s dream. However, you may have friends owning an older version of the device working fine, but your device may give you troubles. In fact, you may not be lucky enough to own a device running without issue. However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about since there are established iPhones and iPads repair services in Austin.

iPads repair service in Austin

Why opt for iPhones repair service in Austin?

Screen damages

One of the main reasons for iPhones or iPads repair service in Austin includes screen damages. Even when the screen has been designed to offer proper resistance, there might be instances when it gets damaged. Of all, one of the common causes includes dropping the device on a rough surface. There are perks of visiting a good and experienced repair service company since they either replace the screen or fix the damage.

Battery charge issue

Like other rechargeable batteries, the battery within the iPad or iPhone may lose charge when you use it. This might go over for several days after which you start notice the charge doesn’t hold on too long. The only solution would be replacing the battery. You must visit a proper cell phone repair shop to get it replaces since they provide authentic and proper products all the time.

Buttons falling out

It might also happen that your iPhone or iPad’s volume or power button starts falling down. It is because these buttons are made of many mechanical components that ensure proper functioning. The buttons usually have a tendency of wearing out due to excessive use or accident. If you notice that you need to press the buttons long, it is a sign that you need iPhones repair service in Austin. In case the warranty on your device has expired, you need to visit the store offering you proper services.

Cables, connecting port issues

Even though the different jacks, ports as well as connectors of iPads and iPhones have gone through a lot of changes in the present times, there is one common thing connecting all Apple devices, it is the tendency to malfunction. In fact, it is quite uncommon for the ports to malfunction after you have used it for several years. The best thing to do is visit established iPhones and iPads repair services in Austin.

Get the iMac, Laptop and Desktop Repaired By Expert Certified Technicians

Owning a Macbook may be your long-time dream, but after owning it may give you trouble. In fact, it might so happen that it stops working suddenly and the thought of it may give you nightmares. But there’s nothing much you can do if your device stops working suddenly. Thankfully, there are companies offering you the best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin. However, if choosing any repair store, you must consider hiring Apple certified stores.

best Mac repair in Austin

Benefits of choosing authorized services stores

The perks of best iMac repair service in Austin is you get service from expert and well-trained professionals who have proper and thorough knowledge about Macbook, the model and what service you need. Moreover, the experts inspect the device and provide you a rough estimate along with the replacement or repair service you need. However, at a third party store you don’t get this benefit as the professionals don’t understand the problem of your Macbook.

Proper service-

When visiting a company offering you best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin you get the advantage of proper timely service. The best shops have enough professionals ready to offer you the highest quality of services without taking enough time. In simple words, if the device has minor issue, the experts offer on spot service and you can take the device back.

laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin

Offer touch repairs-

The Macbook or laptop might face severe issues that may not get solved easily. For instance, if the device requires tightening the hinge, not all companies would be able to do it. In simple words, most stores have professionals who don’t have enough technical knowledge. Due to this you must take your iMac or laptop to a certified store with expert professionals. For hassle-free services, they are the best.

Extra services-

The best iMac repair service in Austin also provide additional services along with the service you need. These services usually depend on the services you have taken. For instance, esteemed companies offer in call service as well as home services. However, you only get these if you choose an established and certified company.

Cost-effective services-

Did the repair shop you visit tell you the products they are offering or the repair they will offer? Well, the computer or laptop repair stores won’t tell you. But if you avail the service from a renowned company they would provide you the services as well the cost involved. You would know what services they are offering and the cost involved.

FAQ before Choosing the Best laptop and desktop computer repair service Austin

Before you drop your laptop or call in expert at home to check the desktop, ensure you ask several important questions. By asking the questions you can be sure if it is the best laptop and desktop computer repair service in Austin. If not, you can go on with the search. But never ever give your device to any repair service who isn’t an expert.

best laptop and desktop computer repair service Austin

What is the charge per hour?

Asking the cost of service is one of the primary questions that you are unlikely to forget. But there are several people who get absolutely shocked hearing the hourly rate of the company offering laptop screen repair in Austin. To avoid all confusions later, it is important that you ask how much they would charge per hour. If they don’t charge hourly, find if they have a fixed rate. Never wait till the time when you have to pay the bill.

How many billable hours would it take to fix?

This is another important question so you know how much time it would take and how much you have to pay, both. No one wants to know that it took 9 hours and a huge amount for a computer repair service in Austin. In fact, it might be higher than the cost of the computer itself. But if you look carefully, no company offering laptop screen repair in Austin would be able to tell you the amount. So, to be sure call around the experts to get some estimates and then choose the company.

Is there any minimum charge?

Not all laptops and computers take many hours to repair. An expert computer repair service might take just a few minutes to get it fixed. If the problem requires quick fixes ensure you know the right charge accordingly. Most of the companies charge for at least 1 hour of their labor. This is the minimum bench charge and it is customary.

Do they charge extra for in-home service?

Before hiring the company offering best laptop and desktop computer repair service Austin find if they charge extra for in-home services. You must always know about the billing differences between the services when you get the computer or laptop repaired. Most companies charge a small amount extra for home services. So, find it out before booking the service.

Tips to Find a Trustworthy and Best iMac repair service in Austin

With the high demand of Apple products, the company is also looking at after-sales service. One of the main reasons for this is most apple product repair companies don’t have experts. Due to this, you need to always rely on authentic Apple product repair stores. So, if you are looking for Apple computer repair in Austin, it is better to look for the best company offering repair services and more. But you may find it difficult to choose the right one, so do the research work accordingly.

best Mac repair in Austin

Offers High Priority

One of the main reasons for choosing Macbook screen repair in Austin is because of high priority service. The best companies don’t keep you waiting in the queue for long and attend to the requests right away. As you own an Apple product they would always give you priority over the other customers. But if you choose third party repair stores they wouldn’t offer you any special attention. You may have to wait long hours in order for your turn. Such companies repair all models and so it is time-taking. But Apple repair centers only repair their own products so the service is timely and fast.

Macbook repair in Austin

Receive original products

When you visit a store offering best iMac repair service in Austin you get original products only. So, if your Apple products need a repair or replacement you don’t need to worry if the shop would offer original products. Even though many companies would claim to offer original products, very few actually deliver it. But if you are getting the service from a good Apple repair company you can expect authentic products always. Original repair shops also don’t compromise on service quality.

Warranty Offered

If you take service from Apple itself you would always receive warranty on services. While most of the repair companies don’t offer warranty on services or products sold, Apple registered authentic companies provide services so you don’t worry at all. Ensure you receive services that are warranted else it might cost you big.

Get customized services

If you own an Apple phone or Macbook you may need sudden repair any time. The benefit of availing service from an Apple repair company is you get call out repairs or mail in repairs. There are many Apple repair companies that offer call in services whereby you can call up and get solutions to the problems.

Considerable Fact For Choosing The Best Mac Repair Austin


When it is about getting the best quality Mac repairing done, you will have to make sure that you get the best quality repair service, providers. Mac is one of the most crucial and important devices and the repairing processes are not easier and this is mainly because of the parts and processor. Mac is indeed a very complicated product when compared to the Windows operating computers. This is mainly because Apple has been in the field for a long period of time and has brought in variations in every update.

Therefore, matching up to the expectations and getting the repairing done properly is rather a tough work and that is where the importance of the best Mac repair in Austin comes in.

Best iMac repair service Austin

You need to be aware of the fact that you choose Apple authorized repair shops so that you can make the most of the deals in the area. There are certain things that you will have to take care of when it comes to getting the best quality deals in the area. There are several things that you will have to keep in mind and choosing the best repair shop is one of the most important things. The Mac book or the Mac that you buy for yourself will require the perfect repairing solution and you need to make sure that you choose the most authentic, reliable and the Best iMac repair service Austin.

Apple repairing stores are available everywhere and when it comes to choosing the best one in terms of the quality of repairing, you need to be sure about the best quality offered to you.

Here are few of the things that you need to take care of when it comes to choosing the top quality deals:

1. Identify the operational issues and make sure that you get the top quality service in the area. You will have to make sure that you get the best quality deals in the area and the service center that you choose should be experienced in their field and make sure that they get the best repairing service in the area.

2. Affordability is one another factor that you need to make sure of. If the Apple computer repair Austin charges you a lot amount of money, then you will have to start looking for the one that can offer you the best repairing done at an affordable rate.

iPhone to iPad – Get the best Repair Service in Austin

iPhones and iPads are one of the most important things that you need to take care of when it comes to choosing the top quality deals in the area. There are several things that you need to take care of when it comes to taking care of the best quality iPhones and iPads repair service in Austin. iPhones and iPads are really special and therefore, the choice of the iPhone becomes really important. There are many reasons that your iPhone or iPad may get damaged and there is a repairing service solution for everything. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you choose a repairing shop that can offer you the best quality deals in the area.

iPhones and iPads repair service in Austin

Here are few ways that your iPhone or iPad may get damaged:


You can eventually drop and break your iPhone. Well, it is there better to take precautions and make sure that you do not get the deals in the area. You will have to make sure that the repair shop you are adhering to have the specialist to take care of the iPhone and iPad. This is to make sure that you get the top quality deals in the area.

iPads repair service in Austin

Water hazard:

Well, this is common. In fact, there are home remedies to get the water dumped iPad or iPhone repaired as well. However, it is better not to try charging or using an iPhone that has been dumped in the water. This is mainly because it can easily catch fire and also lead various other hazards. Therefore it is better to take it for an experienced person who can handle the situation better.

Screen breaking:

You get the ‘ouch!’ feeling when you break the iPad screen. It is better to look for the best iPad screen repair in Austin who can replace the broken screen with that of the original iPad screen.

There is various another hazard as well that can lead to various trouble however little do people know that they need to take care of the iPhone and iPad by taking proper care of it. In fact, there are many cheap iPhone repairs in Austin that can help you with the repairing easily. Always remember that iPad and iPhone are very sensitive gadgets and you will have to take proper care of it.